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AER Amps - Sheldon Conrich official Artist

I’m proud to call myself an official artist of AER and have been using their amps for 4 years now. When you have an acoustic guitar and perform live you need a great amp to compliment the tone and certainly not lose tonality due to poor equipment. For me AER amps are the best in the business for acoustic amplification. I’ve never heard such depth to an amp until I starting using them and my current model is the C60 – compact 60. It’s perfect for moving around easily, has a sweet little case with strap and features a handy DI if you want to come out of a large system as well.
I hope to be playing in all types of acoustic spaces and will look to AER to help find the perfect solution for many years to come.

Click on the link if you want to know more about AER amps.

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