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Hi I’m Sheldon and I provide guitar lessons in Hertfordshire at the Maxwell Park Community Centre. I also offer beginner and intermediate piano lessons. I’ve been playing guitar and piano for over 20 years and I’ve picked up a few things on my musical journey.

One thing has remained throughout my musical career and that is my passion to teach. My aim as a teacher and educator is to help you achieve your own musical goals. Do you want to join a band? Learn your favourite songs? Pass your next grade? Or simply gain more confidence whilst playing in front of others? I want to help you achieve these goals and more.

One to One Guitar Lessons

Sheldon Conrich - Guitar Teacher

One to one guitar lessons are a great way to learn the guitar. My private one to one students get an individually catered lesson specifically to help them improve. I focus on helping students find exactly what they enjoy the most in music and translate that to the guitar. Most of my one to one students have a regular weekly lesson. The regularity of a weekly lesson helps to keep students improving on a week by week basis. And most importantly to stop any bad habits forming which is one of the biggest problems found from self taught guitarists. Book your private one to one guitar lessons today.

Group Guitar Lessons

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I can offer guitar lessons up to three students at a time in my studio. Group lessons are a great way for friends to learn the guitar together. Often my group students will learn to play ensemble pieces which can build a great bond in the group. With group guitar lessons the cost is shared and so can be a more affordable option for those on a budget. Book your group guitar lessons today.

Guitar lessons for the retired

Joe Pass Guitar Scales If you have retired and are looking for a new hobby then guitar lessons maybe the perfect thing for you. Learning guitar is proven to stimulate various parts of the brain using multiple skills. It can help with memory and dexterity in the fingers. For those of you who have retired it is also a great excuse to get out of the house and bring some music to your life. I have taught guitar lessons to the retired for over ten years and have built a large set of techniques to help older students improve quickly. Book your guitar lessons today.

Skype guitar lessons outside Herts, London or Abroad

Skype guitar lessons

Do you own a webcam and Skype? Are you based abroad or not within driving distance of Borehamwood? Then Skype guitar lessons may be the way forward for your guitar learning. As long as you own a guitar and can speak English to a decent level you can learn guitar with me on-line. My innovative teaching techniques will help you learn the guitar quickly and in a fun way. You can learn your favourite songs, prepare for grade exams or delve into guitar music theory. Book your Skype guitar lessons today.

What Students are saying?

“Sheldon is very patient and kind. He challenges you with things he knows you can do, even if you think you can’t. He helps you if you get things wrong. I love choosing and learning new songs. The lessons are fun.” 

Eve Davis

“If anyone is looking for a guitar teacher in London I can whole heartedly recommend Sheldon Conrich. He’s so patient and generous and every lesson is well thought out and tailored to suit my taste in music. I’ve had a lot of instrumental lessons in my time and he really stands out as a wonderful teacher. I’m improving a lot and enjoying playing more than ever. So pleased I came across him!”

Alice Boagey, photographer

“Sheldon”s a knowledgeable, flexible and really good teacher. He quickly sensed how I ‘tick’ so knows how and when to introduce new skills and approaches – when to let me wait a bit and when to challenge again. He has helped to make learning the guitar – even at my age – the high spot of my life!”

Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer, journalist and author

“I have been having guitar lessons with Sheldon for nearly 15 months now. Sheldon is an extremely skilled and easy to work with teacher whose experience and versatility has helped me immensely to enhance my guitar playing skills. He is down to earth and makes every guitar lesson fun and challenging. He has inspired me both to carry guitar on as a hobby and a passion. Each lesson is ‘tailor made’ for the pupil, including material that is essential yet at the same time a joy to learn.”

Stephen Hare

Important Things To Know Before Booking Sheldon

– Electric, acoustic and classical guitar lessons available

– Lessons for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

– One to one lessons on both guitar and piano.

– Group tuition or with a friend.

– Students from 6yr’s +.

Cancellations require 24 hrs. notice or you will be charged the full amount.

– Private tuition at Sheldon’s studio in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire only

– Registered RGT Tutor.

– DBS registered and approved.

– Experienced in primary and secondary school teaching

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Are you looking for guitar lessons and live in or near Borehamwood? I can provide one to one lessons or group lessons up to three people. If you are looking for a guitar or piano teacher and would like to have lessons with me feel free to contact me using my online contact form.