Join Sheldon’s Team

Join Sheldon’s Team

As a musician performing regularly at weddings and events it is important to me that I work with the best musicians, wedding planners, photographers, caterers and production companies. I am always looking to add new members to my event’s team. I will always try to give my clients the best experience possible at every event. With your help as part of my team I know they’ll be in safe hands.

Wedding Musicians

Sheldon Conrich - Full band

I’m always looking for new musicians to add to my team of players I perform with and recommend to clients. Please let me know what instrument you play, what sort of experience you have and link me to any mp3s/videos you’ve put up. I regularly work with saxophonists, percussions/drummers, Djs and bass players. I’m also regularly asked for unusual instruments like harps etc. I’d love to be able to offer you work both with me and for just you on your own should I not be available for a requested date. If you are a wedding musician or DJ and would like to work with me in future events feel free to get in touch.

Wedding Planners

Where to get married - Luton Hoo

Are you a wedding planner who can make my client’s lives easier and stress free? Do you want to be part of my team of recommended wedding planners? I’m often asked by clients if I know any individuals or teams that can bring together their wedding ideas.  Let me know some of the past events you’ve worked on. If you have pictures, testimonials etc that would be great. I’d love to work with you in some capacity. Wedding planners, do feel free to get in touch.

Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Lamara Tree Gardens

Having a top wedding photographer and videographer is really important for clients these days. I want to be able to offer my clients a wide range of options when it comes to wedding photography and videography. The most important thing to me is that the teams I use are afforable, reliable and have a great eye for the action. If you would like to join my team of recommended wedding photographers and videographers feel free to get in touch.

Wedding Sound and Light Production

Up lights and moving heads

As a wedding musician and performer it’s really important that I work with the right team of sound engineers and production assistants. I’m always looking out for new sound techies, stage crew, lighting riggers and operators. Depending on the wedding or event the scale of production used may vary but I’d like to give a range of wedding production options. If you would like to join my team as one of the sound and lighting crews I use feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for contacting me in advance and I look forward to working with you in the future…..



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