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Sheldon Conrich YouTube Channel

Sheldon Conrich YouTube Channel

Over the past few years I’ve regularly added videos to the Sheldon Conrich YouTube channel. What started out as something to do as a bit of fun has seen over 18,000 video views and over a hundred videos posted. Over the past year the YouTube channel has really evolved and developed into something of a performance and teaching outlet. Each week there are regular video posted ranging from song intros, to solos to cover songs and much more. The YouTube channel is where you get to see the real Sheldon Conrich – musician, guitarist, teacher and lover of all things music.

Below are some of the popular playlists on the channel. If you would like to check out all the content available head over to the Sheldon Conrich YouTube Channel now.

Short Solos for a year

This album was created to help me improve my soloing ability and allow me to track my progress each week. I often tell my guitar and piano students to do a similar thing in order to visually see what they’re doing. The plan is to add solos to this every week. And theoretically by the end of the year long project see big improvements in my playing.

The Cover Project – Acoustic covers

This is all about me and my guitar. I wanted to showcase the large range of songs I perform at events in a really intimate environment. So what better than the confines of my music studio? I have built up a performance repertoire of over 200 songs so I can’t see myself posting them all. But I’ll definitely give it a go.

Masters of Solo

This playlist is a tribute to all of my favourite guitarists and their classic solos. It is also a great way to show who has influenced my guitar soloing over the years and why I play the way I play.

Guitar Tip of the Week

For those wanting to learn the guitar this playlist is perfect for you. It’s always a small nugget of information but you can be working on it for weeks. I strip away all the fancy stuff and give you what you need to become a great guitar player.

Masters of the Riff

We all love a great guitar riff. We like to perform with our air guitar and pretend we’re the next Slash or Brian May. Well in this playlist which is in it’ infancy at the moment you’ll be able to find some of the greatest guitar riffs of all time all in one place. You can play along, bring out your air guitar or just listen to these iconic riffs.

If you like any of the current playlists then head over to the Sheldon Conrich YouTube Channel and subscribe today. I’m adding content every day and it’s what I love to do. If you have a suggestion for a new playlist just leave it in the comments section on YouTube or get in touch.

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