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Guitar techniques - Common mistakes to avoid

Guitar Techiniques – Common Mistakes to Avoid

Common Problems found with Guitar Techniques

Guitar techniques - Common mistakes to avoid

If you’re learning to play the guitar then you may just be getting into learning some guitar techniques. Some of these guitar techniques include sliding, bending, hammer ons, pull offs, finger picking, strumming and many others. It is important to remember that these techniques will improve greatly over time with some care and attention. However if you don’t concentrate on improving your guitar techniques it will show further down the line. So what are these common mistakes to avoid?

Fret Buzz

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I’m sure you’ve experienced this as you’ve strummed or played a note, the dreaded note buzz. It’s a common mistake made and can actually follow guitar learners for some time. So here are the three things to make sure you do to avoid getting fret buzz.

  • Make sure you’re fingers are close to the fret
  • Make sure you push hard enough
  • Make sure your finger is on its tip

If you follow these three rules you’ll avoid fret buzz in no time.

Crumpling Barre Chords

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A lot of people dread the barre chord because they find it causes cramping and discomfort in the fretting hand. This is quite normal and is generally what happens at the early stages of playing so just stick with it. However a common mistake you should avoid can be found when moving from one barre chord to the next. A lot of people find their fingers squishing together as they move along the fret board. So to avoid this try thinking about these as you move your barre chord along the neck.

  • Loosen your fingers before you move but maintain the overall shape
  • Take your thumb off the back of the neck before you move
  • Be clear as to what barre chord you’re trying to achieve before you arrive at your chosen frets

Dead or quiet hammer ons

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When it comes to guitar techniques we can’t miss out the hammer on. This bad boy features in the majority of classic solos and chord progressions. But a bad sounding hammer on can really dishearten the learning guitarist. Especially those trying to copy their favourite songs and failing because of a poor sounding hammer on. You’ll hear buzzing sounds, or a quiet note or some times no note. Here are some things to think about before you try a hammer on.

  • Raise your hammering finger high
  • Attack through the fretboard rather than stopping at the note
  • Attempt to squeeze the note as you land
  • Aim the hammer close to the fret

There are plenty more common mistakes made when learning guitar techniques. If you would like to know more about how to improve this part of your guitar playing feel free to get in touch. I teach guitar from Monday to Friday in Borehamwood and via Skype/Facetime. If you would like guitar lessons with me get in touch.