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Getting Married Abroad – Things to know

Getting Married Abroad – Things to know

If you’re planning on getting married abroad over the next year you may be at the early stages of planning. There are several things you will need to know if you want everything to go smooth sailing. Amazingly it can actually be a lot easier to plan a wedding than if you live in the same country. But only if you do it right. Here are some things to think about.

Choosing your destination

Getting Married Abroad

When thinking about where to get married abroad it’s important to have a good balance. This balance needs to be between your ideal wedding destination and what’s affordable for your guests. If you’re getting married abroad then you will have to factor in travel and hotel costs for yourself and your guests. So if you live in the UK and decide you’d like to get married in Thailand you may find very few of your friends being able to take the time off work and being able to afford the trip. For those in the UK there are many great wedding destinations in Europe. Though with Brexit looming I’d book it as early as you can before freedom to travel around Europe becomes an issue.

Book your travel arrangements early

Weddings abroad - Flights

It’s important to make sure you give your guests plenty of time to book their flights or mode of transport. I would suggest that at least six months is a large enough time to allow everyone to find cheap flights or train tickets. Also making it clear to your guests which airport is closest to your wedding destination will be greatly appreciated. Especially if there are multiple airports around the city like London has (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, City).

Find a local Wedding Planner

You may want to plan all of your wedding from top to bottom and that’s great. But if you don’t live in your wedding destination then you need to liaise with a local wedding planner. There are many reasons for this. One is that they can go to the various places in person and talk to the vendors in the local language. Generally these wedding planners will have knowledge of local suppliers and will be able to get a good deal for you. Also a local wedding planner will save you a bundle of money in travel costs as you won’t have to fly back and fourth too much buy ambien oral online before the wedding.

Ideally book a hotel package

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If you can I would recommend finding a hotel package that covers the following: Dedicated ceremony area, in house catering, in house PA system, hotel room deals for wedding guests, hotel shuttle to and from airport and a wedding planner. The more elements that are covered by the hotel when getting married abroad the less things you have to deal with. Believe me when I say planning a wedding is very stressful. Largely because the small things take up so much of your free time. Add into the equation of getting married abroad and you can see that it’s a potential mixing bowl of stress. So do your homework and find out what your wedding hotel can offer you and your guests before booking.

Booking your wedding musicians

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This is a tricky one for a few reasons. It is much easier to view wedding musicians from your own country as they will be local to you. It’s also easier to communicate with musicians from your own country because they will speak the same language as you and will likely be able to perform your favourite songs. But it is important to remember that if you book musicians from your own country then you will need to pay for their flights, accommodation and food throughout their stay. You will also most likely have to hire in a local PA and lighting rig as you won’t want to ship those over. Local musicians obviously will be cheaper for you but as mentioned it will be harder to view them, communicate with them and request specific native language music. One very important thing to remember if you book a musician from your own country is to give them as many contact numbers and email addresses as possible. The musicians need to communicate with the hotel, wedding planner, local sound engineer/PA company and airport.

Plan Away

I hope this has helped you if you’re planning on getting married abroad. If you would like any more help or advice just drop me an email. If you’re looking for a musician or group of musicians to perform at your wedding abroad, feel free to get in touch. My team of musicians are very experienced in performing at weddings abroad and will work to give you the best musical experience possible.


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