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What makes a great Wedding DJ?

What Makes a great wedding DJ?

When looking for a wedding DJ it is important to find the right person for your day. But with a sea of DJ’s out there who do you choose? What are the factors that will affect your decision? Where should you look and what makes a great wedding DJ? I will hopefully answer a few of these questions for you.

A Wedding DJ with Experience

It’s very important to be able to trust that your wedding DJ knows what he or she is doing. A lot of the time, great musical decisions come from years of experience DJing at weddings and events. A wedding DJ is very different to a club DJ. And a wedding DJ is also very different to a friend who always picks really cool songs at parties. Experienced wedding DJs always think about two things – energy levels and who’s on the dance floor. Those two factors will make a big difference to the songs chosen at that moment in time.

A Wedding DJ with mixing skills

There are a lot of DJs out there who can mix from one song to the next which is great. There is a skill in being able to match the beats of songs and blend them together. But with modern technology it’s the latter part that the real skill of a wedding DJ can be found. Finding the right time in a track to mix the next song is key. Also how the track has been mixed in is very important. A good wedding DJ will need to decide on some of the following mixing factors – how long the blend will take, whether or not to use any special fx, what eq tricks to use, sampling, looping tricks, key matching etc. All of these are very subtle but it makes for a much smoother and ultimately better experience for guests on the dance floor.

Genre and song repertoire

If you’re at a wedding there will likely be a range of guest ages. Each of these groups of people will have different tastes, likes and dislikes in music. Yet the goal of the wedding DJ is to get all these people on the dance floor for as long as possible to create a great atmosphere. So the key to any great wedding DJ is down to their large repertoire of songs. If you have a DJ who can mix pop to r&b, to swing, to house, to drum n bass to indie etc it will give your guests the greatest chance of all enjoying themselves throughout the evening. Just having these songs on their playlist will not be enough. It’s about knowing which of these songs work well after each other and reading when to play them through out the day.

How to find a great wedding DJ

Well this is a very tricky one because how many weddings does the average person go to in their life? Not as many as you think. So how do you find a good wedding DJ if you’re not at a lot of weddings? Well some of the work will be done by approaching music agencies who can provide you with a list of recommended and experienced DJs. Other options include asking friends for recommendations from events they’ve been to. If you’ve got the time and good ears then it may be the case to keep a listen out as you go to bars, clubs etc. You may potentially catch a gem of a DJ and can grab his or her number.

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If you are looking for a wedding DJ and need some advice feel free to get in touch. As a musician and DJ I’ve been performing at events for over ten years and have vast experience in this area. I’d be happy to chat about anything musical you need for your special day.