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Live Entertainment – My Musical Summer

Live Entertainment – My musical summer

I’ve had a very busy summer this year and I’ve been lucky enough to provide live entertainment for a lot of different types of events. In this blog I wanted to share some of my summer experiences through the photos and stories I’ve been a part of.

Summer of Elaborate Staging

This summer I’ve performed a lot with the Function Band and they have gone all out with their staging and light production. I took the photo above when we provided live entertainment for a corporate dentist awards show. We had an absolute blast.

The Trio in full force

The trio has been quite busy this summer and we managed to venture recently to Richmond to perform at Bridget and Ali’s wedding. What I like about the live entertainment we provide as a trio is how much we can do in a day. We can start both acoustically and instrumentally. Then work our way into an acoustic vocal trio. And finally throw in our backing tracks to get people on the dance floor for a party. It’s a lot of fun.

Guitar Repairs

Occasionally when prodiving live entertainment accidents happen. And at a gig in Stoke Newington my guitar was knocked over which lead to me meeting the lovely guys from LA guitars. They managed to fix the guitar in one day and saved my life as I was performing the following day at a big event.

A month of amazing views

I am very fortunate that as a musician I get to travel to some unbelievably scenic destinations on a weekly basis. I mean drop dead gorgeous! The photo above was taken at Quendon HallĀ and the day could not have been better. The sun was beaming, the guests were dressed to impress and it really was a beautiful wedding.

So many cakes

I think the photo above wins the most original cake design. It really does show the difference between the couple getting married but it also shows what marriage is all about – COMPROMISE! This was taken at the same wedding that the couple swooped in on helicopters to greet their guests.

Lights, Camera, Live entertainment

The summer was also when I decided to take myself, the duo and trio to the O2 for a video shoot. With the help of a great team I was able to showcase my solo, duo, trio, DJ live and DJ set ups. It was a really fun experience and actually really interesting. I learnt about all the various types of lenses and shots that go into making a video. We did a lot, I mean a lot of takes to get the perfect angles but it was well worth it. You can see the full promo video below.

So that’s been my summer of live entertainment. I am very fortunate to do something that I love and wouldn’t choose to do anything else. I hope to see you at an event real soon. If you’re looking to book a musician for your event whether it’s solo, duo, triio, DJ or something else feel free to get in touch.