Online Guitar and Piano Lessons

Learning an instrument like guitar and piano is a great way to keep yourself busy, keep your brain active, learn a new skill and set a routine for these very empty days. I’ve been teaching guitar and piano for over 15 years and I offer a remote online service through Zoom.

What are Zoom lessons?

Online guitar and piano lessons with Zoom

Zoom has traditionally been used as a meeting place for work conferences and conference calls. But with the technology improving and the platform more stable it’s a great place to learn to play guitar or piano from the comfort of your own living room or bedroom.

Online Lesson Features

Online piano lessons split screen view

So how does an online lesson differ from a traditional one in person? Here are some great features you’ll experience from your online guitar or piano lesson.

  • Multiple camera angles for clarity of hand positions
  • In lesson video recordings you can use at home to practise
  • With share screen you don’t even need a music stand as you can read all your music from the screen.
  • Shared google doc so all your notes are in one place
  • The ability to stay at home and learn at a time that’s convenient for you

Lessons On Offer

I offer two types of online music lessons – One to one and group lessons.

With one to one lessons you’ll get dedicated time just for you. We can go at your pace and you won’t need to show your skills to anyone but me. Progress is completely dependent on your practise ethic.

With group lessons you can share this learning experience with a friend or a family member. In gallery view you can view up to 100 people at a time. Generally I think a maximum of 10 in a class is fine before individuals can’t get the full attention they need to progress.

What do you need?

Online guitar lessons split screen view

One question I get asked a lot when teaching online guitar and piano lessons is what equipment do I need to have the best experience? Here are a few useful things to have prepared before any online music lesson.

  • Make sure you have either a laptop, tablet or phone ready to go before the lesson starts
  • If you’re using a tablet or phone you may need a little stand to allow you to position it correctly
  • As you can enter a lesson a few minutes before it starts, you have time to set up your camera angle and test the sound works
  • Head phones are useful if you live in a loud busy house hold and you need some sound isolation
  • For those pros who want great quality sound, a good lapel mic or condenser mic will help bring clarity to your playing. There are several USB mics available online for under £100.

Book Your Online Lesson

If you would like to book an online guitar or piano lesson with me, please do get in touch. I’d love to share my knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals. Even if it is only for a temporary period of time whilst we find ourselves in lock down.

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