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Private Guitar Lessons Vs Group Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons Vs Group Lessons

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In this blog I wanted to discuss the merits and the downsides of both private guitar lessons and group guitar lessons. Many of you may be thinking as Christmas nears to indulge in buying a friend or loved one some guitar lessons. And with this in mind you may be wondering whether to go on Groupon and buy a few group lessons or find a guitar teacher and buy some private guitar lessons. Well in this blog I’ll go through some things to think about when deciding.

Private Guitar Lessons – The Merits

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When it comes to private guitar lessons there are several great things that are found in the one on one environment. The first is that your lessons are catered to you. Each lesson can work on building and developing on your own personal guitaring weaknesses and strengths.

Every person is individual and has individual musical tastes. With private guitar lessons you can learn songs from your favourite artists and musicians. This is actually quite important when it comes to developing your own unique sound. This is because the people you listen to and copy will ultimately influence your guitar playing style.

Private guitar lessons can fit around you time wise. So if you can’t make a one on one session you can always move it to another day – assuming the teacher has an available space that day.

With one on one lessons you get full attention from the teacher. So there is little room for you to pick up bad habits in the lesson because they are spotted very quickly.

Some guitar teachers like to travel to student’s houses and for those with chaotic lives this may suit you better.

Group Guitar Lessons – The Merits

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When you have several people around you learning what you’re learning it can inspire you. You can see what other guitarists are doing and use that as a springboard to keep motivated. You can say, well if they can do it, then I can do it. So the group environment can keep you pushing yourself.

In a group guitar lesson because there are other people learning with you, you can get a sense of your own personal level. And this can give you confidence. Especially if you’ve started at the same time as someone else and have improved quicker.

By learning in a group environment you will have a support network of like minded guitarists who you can talk to and bounce ideas off of. Some times you will learn something in a lesson but after talking with your fellow students make sense of it better.

A group guitar lesson will usually be cheaper being that the whole group are sharing the cost of the lesson.

Often group guitar lessons are held in the evenings which can work well after work.

Generally modern day group guitar lessons have some online support with PDFs and audio to help you.

Private guitar Lessons – The Cons

In general because you are getting more attention and a bespoke set of lessons the price of private guitar lessons will be more expensive.

If you have a good teacher then chances are they are going to be quite busy. If that is the case then they may not be as flexible with times and days as you’d like.

Finding a good guitar teacher can be tricky and you may have to go through several one on one teachers before you find the right one for you. Being a good teacher is more about understanding your student’s needs rather than being the best guitar player on the planet.

Group Guitar Lessons – The Cons

Because you’re in a big group you may not get as much attention by the teacher. So if you don’t understand something or you think the speed of the lesson is too fast you may just have to put up with that.

Group guitar lessons work on a strict block with syllabus to fit in each lesson. So if you don’t fully achieve learning a particular idea one week you may struggle the next week when there is new material to learn.

If you are progressing quickly and there are others in the group learning slower it may frustrate you. Often the teacher will have to stop to give these students some guidance. For advancing guitarists this can be quite annoying.

Group guitar lessons will happen on a specific time and day each week. So if you are ill or have an arrangement you can’t get out of then you will miss the class. And as mentioned you’ll miss a whole load of new material that you will essentially have to teach yourself out of class.

Because the syllabus is set to cater for the group you may not like the style of music you are learning.

In Conclusion

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There really is no right type of way to learn the guitar. I hope you’ve found out some good reasons why private guitar lessons and group guitar lessons could be the right choice for you. It’s an individual preference and ultimately comes down to your weekly schedule, routine, budget and personality. If you are looking for private guitar lessons, feel free to get in touch. For those looking for Christmas guitar lesson gifts, I have some Christmas offers waiting for you. Just ask away.