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Singing Guitarist – My influences

Singing Guitarist – My influences

Singing guitarist

As a singing guitarist performing at events I’m often asked who my influences are. To ask a musician who has influenced that is almost the same as asking who taught you to speak. There are so many artists and bands that have influenced my style, technique, interpretation, song choice and so much more. So in today’s blog I wanted to share with you a few singing guitarists who have influenced me. These guys have helped me become the musician I am today. It’s an imitation game. You start playing their songs and learning all their licks and slowly the styles and musical choices evolve into you.

Richard Ashcroft

You may be thinking that Richard Ashcroft is a very random choice. However, some of my first attempts at listening and playing a song from ear came from The Verve songs. Check out Lucky Man which I remember playing over and over again as a kid

Tracy Chapman

This singer songwriter opitimises the singing guitarist with countless hits. I would sit with her greatest hits collection and learn the finger picking riffs from songs like Fast Car, The Promise and other great songs. Check out her smash hit Fast Car.

Eric Clapton

Not so much on the pure blues side and more the R & B Clapton. My finger picking and imprivsational movements came a lot from Tears in Heaven and Change the World. Have a listen to the latter below.

Dave Grohl

This singing guitarist is usually associated with the drums but he is a mean guitarist too. He can pull out some great riffs and the Foo Fighters were a big influence on my strumming ability and stamina. Have a listen to a classic track from them ‘Everlong’.

Bob Marley

Bob is one of my favourite musicians and his guitarist was a vibey old soul. I remember sitting down for hours trying to learn the No Woman No Cry solo as a kid. However I’ve decided to share with you Redemption Song. It’s a classic acoustic track.

So there you have a it. You know a small handful of singing guitarists who have helped me become the performer I am today. Who are your favourite singing guitarists? Let me know in the comments below.

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