Sheldon Conrich
Sheldon Conrich - Singing guitarist and DJ

Book A Musician and DJ – Bespoke Wedding Music

Book A Musician and DJ – The Bespoke Wedding

Sheldon Conrich - Singing guitarist and DJ

The modern wedding is very different to that of even a few years ago. Successful Acne Treatment about accutane isotretinoin online or accutane or as Accutane cures acne completely in five months maximum and so does not require permanent usage I’ve been performing as a wedding musician for over ten years but I have seen a shift in the last few years. Couples are looking for much more creative control of their wedding music. Gone are the days where a band or musician can have a set repertoire list and the couple leave all to the band’s discretion. These days couples have a lot more knowledge of music and what they want. Maybe this is because of the emergence of Spotify or because weddings were becoming very similar musically.

After performing for eight years in a DJ live band – a blend of DJing and live music – I realised that this format was the way forward. So for a period of years I worked hard crafting my Djing skills so that I could offer clients both a musician and DJ for their wedding.

The modern wedding musician

So with my large acoustic knowledge and now growing DJ party music knowledge it was time to let clients know what they could expect at their wedding. The fact that I could offer a wide range of acoustic music for the wedding ceremony, reception drinks and dinner was not enough. But now I could take this to clients and offer them my Djing services for the party. I found once the musician and and DJ option was on the table clients were a lot more interested in my services. I think this is because of what I mentioned before, the idea that couples can completely bespoke their wedding music and it’s changed the game.

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More Wedding Music Options

Before I was DJing at weddings I offered a duo and trio set up for the acoustic elements of a day. Often I would perform an instrumental jazz set with my saxophonist and a modern poppy acoustic vocal set with the added percussionist during reception and dinner. Going out as a musician and DJ, plus having a duo and trio option, couples were again having even greater ability to create a bespoke wedding. I was also finding couples asking my musicians to stick around for the DJ sets to jam along with the tracks – giving a DJ live feel to the party. Again this has been a new development to find it’s way into the wedding scene over the past few years. Giving the sense of a big party with a live element but with fewer musicians has giving couples a much more affordable wedding in regards to their music. I pride myself on offering the best deal I can for my clients and always try to stick within their budgets.

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The First Dance – The Magical Moment

Musician and DJ - Sheldon Conrich

A couples first dance is always a magical moment and is something that will be remembered for the rest of the their lives. So you would think it would be an important decision, both what song is chosen and how it is performed. Some couples choose a song that is extremely special to them. They want the original song played by the original artist – just like when they first heard it. Other couples want to hear their first dance sung to them live to bring a completely intimate and one off moment for them. Traditionally this can pose a problem for a DJ – who can’t perform a live track – and a band – who can’t perform with the original artist. With myself being a musician and DJ, this has been a great advantage for couples. It has meant they can choose whichever option they want for their first dance. If they need an acoustic performance then I’ll grab my guitar, learn their song and perform it live. If they want the original artist version, I’ll make sure it’s queued on the decks before I DJ the rest of the party. It really has been a great option to add to my services.

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A Full Live Function Band

The only thing I found that was missing from my services was the ability to provide a full wedding function band. If I was to truly offer a bespoke wedding service then I needed all options covered. And this meant I had to start putting together a function band option. After 2 years of work, the Cocktails and Dreams band was born. With my full live function band armed and ready I could now offer clients the widest set of musical options for their wedding. I can now offer couples the following options for music at their wedding – a solo guitarist/DJ, duo, trio and full live function band (up to 7 piece including sax and percussion).

Your Bespoke Wedding Musician and DJ

So the modern wedding is one of unique, individual moments, that have a mixture of live and DJ’ed music. I feel fortunate enough to have been able to have recognised this, develop new skills and offer a truly bespoke wedding to all couples. If you are looking for a musician and DJ at your wedding, or maybe something larger like a duo, trio or full band feel free to get in touch.