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Weddings, Videos and A New Function Band

Weddings, YouTube and My New Function Band


The past few months have been very busy for many reasons. Firstly I became a dad and that has been amazing, scary and time consuming all at the same time. It’s also coincided with the busiest time of the year for a musician performing at weddings and events. The summer is notorious for celebrating weddings and the British summer has not let us down.

On top of that I’ve been working hard putting together a music video, collection of audio and photos for my new function band – Cocktails & Dreams. There’s actually a lot of work that goes in to showing the general public what a function band does if they haven’t seen you live. It’s very difficult to capture the feel of a live performance when adrenalin is flying and everyone is high on life at a wedding. But we’ve done our best to put together some cool material for everyone.

Wedding Music

Wedding musician in France and new function band

It’s been a busy wedding season so far and I’ve been travelling about the UK which has been great. I even had a little wedding stop off in a small town called Trets in France. It has some beautiful picturesque views from the Vineyard venue I performed at. Granted I was insanely tired after very little sleep – tends to happen being a new dad – but it was still fun to adventure out of the UK.

Some of the highlights over the past couple of months have been performing at Andy Murray’s hotel, Cromlix, in Dunblane with The Function Band. I’d had very little sleep up until that wedding but we drove for 10 hours in a double decker tour bus with bunk beds. So I actually slept there and back. The wedding was also beautiful but the memory is sleep at this moment.

I also enjoyed performing at the Arts Club in Dover street. It’s a pretty cool place with a basement club. I think the couple were a little surprised to hear their Jewish Israeli dancing music performed at 11.30 in the evening but they certainly went for it. And the highlight for that wedding was our acoustic set where all the guests during their dinner got onto the dance floor, surrounded us and sang along to every song we performed. What a buzz.

YouTube Videos

So I’ve continued performing various themed videos for my YouTube channel. This includes Masters of solo, masters of the riff, Guitar tip of the week, Acoustic cover challenge and Short solos for a year. All of these playlists feature me demonstrating the various things I do on the guitar. As I was once called Sheldon ‘The Encyclopedia’ Conrich because of my song knowledge. I wanted to demonstrate this both on a soloing level and on a riff based level. So I’ve been performing some of my favourite riffs and solos which I hope you are enjoying. It’s been a lot of fun recording them and hopefully I’ll reach maybe 100 videos for those two playlists in the years to come.

I continue to give free guitar tips to budding guitarists trying to improve their guitar skills. Obviously as a guitar teacher, you’re only getting a scratching of the surface in each video. So if you want to reallllly learn, then do come and have some guitar lessons with me. But in the meantime enjoy the guitar tips each week.

I’ve also embarked on a journey to improve my soloing ability and general ability around the guitar. So this will be an ongoing project to record solos every week for a year. The aim is by the end of the year my soloing will have transformed from the first to the last video. Let’s see.

New Function Band

As mentioned Cocktails & Dreams are a new function band I’ve put together with some great musicians. We’re all about having fun and enjoying ourselves at the events we perform at. We do play a lot of party songs for people to dance to on the dance floor, but I’ve also introduced my DJing skills to the set up. So in between live band sets, couples will continue to be entertained with me Djing their favourite songs. So it’s been great to finally get this new function band on the road and start performing at events. We do have a regular venue we play at each month called the Ranelagh. Should you want to see the band then feel free to come down and check us out.

That’s all folks

So that’s really it for the moment but I’ll write another update blog in probably another few months when I get five minutes to myself. In the meantime, have a great rest of your week.